Duty Belt Hanger

Gun Belt Hanger made in usa

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Gun Belt Hanger

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The Solution for your duty belt storage issues!

gun belt hanger

Attaches like handcuffs

gun belt hanger

Made of strong stainless steel

A problem I had as a law enforcement officer was where to store my duty belt once I got home. After lots of research and development I finally came up with a great solution… the Duty Belt Hanger. You simply attach it to your closet rod like handcuffs and then hang your gun belt on it.


My patent pending Duty Belt Hanger, is available in several models to fit your specific plastic buckle type or Sam Browne metal buckle. Just order the one that fits your duty belt.




Duty Belt Hangers are made in the USA from stainless steel and are built to last.


Also available are Gun Belt Hangers that attach to your lockers door.

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gun belt hanger

Sam Browne Belt Hanger

gun belt hanger

Large Plastic Buckle Hanger